Why BSM?

Help hundreds of ship owners trade cargo all around the world safely and efficiently – using technology built to make our industry smarter. Become a part of our multinational company, widely recognised as a leading third-party ship manager, to grow and go further with us.

The BSM team includes over 20,000 seafarers and 2,000 shore-based staff in over 30 locations and across the oceans. Together we move a fleet of 650 vessels responsibly while protecting our people, our fleet and the environment.

As a family-owned business, we value a culture of caring for one another. Our strength is our diversity, with over 80 nationalities in our company.

80% of global trade is seaborne. Join BSM today as we continue shaping the future of shipping while enabling international commerce for millions worldwide.


Sail with us into a world of opportunities and join our team of more than 20,000 seafarers and 2,000 shore employees.

Advance your career with us by working closely with global teams. Make BSM’s services possible by contributing to excellent customer service and through major projects aimed at creating the services of the future.

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Find your role, grow your career, and support an industry that is essential to global trade. Help us connect the world through the exchange of goods and services with your fresh perspective.

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Our Locations

Find us in major maritime hubs around the world at BSM’s 11 Ship Management, 25 Crew Service, and 4 Maritime Training Centers.


Ship Management Centres


Crew Service Centres


Maritime Training Centres


We believe in giving back to our people, planet, and communities in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn more about how BSM supports the development of a sustainable world for current and future generations in our annual sustainability report.

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At BSM, safety is more than a manual; it’s a deep-seated culture. We have a culture, systems and policies in place to address key ship management issues – occupational health, safety and environment, cybersecurity, sanctions compliance, environmental protection, ethical operations – that ensure our clients’ assets, operations and interests are protected at sea and on shore.

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Learning is a lifelong journey as the maritime industry is always evolving and developing. We believe knowledge is power and are committed to upskill and develop our people.


We are searching for a variety of skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the future. Want to join BSM? Find your team.

Develop strategic objectives for our Ship Management and Crew Management Centers to ensure we succeed in all aspects of performance and quality pertaining to the operations of our company.

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Get the word out about the BSM’s business and what it does. Manage the overall reputation of our company. Deliver a consistent company message and promote its services through creative solutions that are appropriate for all channels, such as digital, public relations, events and advertising.

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Ensure the smooth flow and handling of our company’s and vessels' financial transactions to prepare reports for internal use and for vessel owners.

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Fleet Management

Ensure that the Technical and Marine Operations of our vessels are executed in a safe and efficient manner. Be part of a collaborative division, managing processes and activities, such as vessel conformity with the requirements.

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Fleet Personnel

Join our Fleet Personnel team and support our highly-skilled and passionate seafarers find the best fit for placement on BSM-managed vessels, based on their qualifications and certificates. As part of this team, you will ensure the timely, accurate and qualitative manning of BSM vessels according to the requirements of our clients. The successful placement of seafarers ensures BSM-managed vessels run safely and efficiently.

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Human Resources

Be a part of the team responsible for the strategic management and development of our employees, in line with business needs, ensuring that all policies are implemented correctly and effectively.

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Insurance and Claims

Be a part of an experienced team managing and handling all types of claims from the very beginning an incident occurs to the final stage and collaborate with top insurers to resolve problems for clients and colleagues.

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Information Technology

Provide exceptional services to our colleagues and partners and solve problems using your knowledge to aid and train their colleagues in day-to-day tasks. We value innovation and promote brainstorming to give our employees quality equipment, software, and solutions.

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Loss Prevention, Safety and Quality

Ensure all shipboard and office operations follow international and national regulations as well as industry standards. Join a challenging and inquisitive environment, where questions can be asked about a wide spectrum of sectors within the maritime.

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Maintenance and Repair

Develop, implement and maintain standards, policies, processes and systems to ensure all vessels assigned to BSM's Maintenance and Dry Dock Support Team are maintained in the most efficient and effective manner.

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